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Makes trying on frames about the lenses as well. With OiC Lens Simulator, customers are able to visualize the various lens effects mounted on the frame of their choice, as if it’s on their face. This gives the customer with the thorough glasses details and improves the shopping experience.


Quicker Decisions

By eliminating decision paralysis, your customers end up happier. Allows easy and best glasses for their personality.

Lens Enhancements Simulator

No matter your frame selection, you’ll want to find lenses to fit your vision needs. It will enhance the lens performance.

Mirror Coating

It is a modern coating that transforms glass and acrylic glass into a completely unique replica-like impact.

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UV Max Technology

UVMAX Lens Coating, which is a quick curing, long lasting optical coating presenting extraordinary adhesion with low viscosity.



The fact client is able to see exactly what they’ll look like on your prescription, customers are much more likely to purchase without delay. mission

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Basic Coatings

While nothing can render scratch-proof optical lenses, an anti-scratch coating makes the surface much tougher and more durable.

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OiC is an online marketplace platform primarily built for the optical sector to ease the challenge of distributors/retailers under a single roof to digitally increase their efficiency

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