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POS empowers retailers with a user-friendly interface that aims to deliver seamless retail experiences. To keep up with the growing trends and changing customer needs, retail point of sale solutions now enable retailers to perform their daily business with increased efficiency. Quick and easy approach to billing.


Ease Billing

POS system empowers minimizing long wait times during peak business hours for billing. OIC POS has the record of customer details for the retailer in secured data.

Simplify Your Day, Every Day

Breathe a sigh of relief. Manual managing of those pesky day-to-day tasks, like inventory management, vendor management, customer flow-up reports, etc..

Customer Data

Update any new customer information. Retailers' data is protected. OIC protects the privacy of its customers' information. Quickly obtain exciting customer information, including their name.

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Customer data showing on the tab
Invoice bill generation

Generate Bills

Ease the billing process by selecting the client, reviewing the items, and doing a brief analysis of the order history prior to creating an invoice.

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Invoice bill generation

View Open Orders

Gives a brief overview of orders in various stages of completion, such as pending manufacturer, customer follow-up & outstanding payment. Enhance the retailer with a fast check and take action.

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Customers orders showing on a laptop


Provides overall reports of Sales, Payments and Receivables.


Sales done

Product sold with the bill value.


Payment mode

Order info with payment mode details.


outstanding payment

received and Outstanding payment.


Updating a new vendor, make sure to fill out the vendor registration form, and retailers can update the stock/new arrival lenses in Lens Master to make them available to customers.

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Updating the customer data
Mobile showing the remainder message

Service Reminder

Delight the customer by greeting them on their special day to make them think about and share a reminder for the service they have opt-in.

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Mobile showing the remainder message

Client Feedback

I Loved the whole platform.As a brand it helped us reach to maximum retailer and also help us organise and expand our base

Joe Matthews
Joe Opticals

OiC new innovative application will make this optical industry move towards, profitable attractive position, The end customer also will be really happy, I sincerely wish all the Opticians, Manufactures, Brands to support OiC's mission and vision

Joan Gray
Joan Opticals

Being an optical distributor, enjoying the OiC platform that helps to reach the right retailer and highly recommended.

Johnny Oliver
Johnny Opticals

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OiC is an online marketplace platform primarily built for the optical sector to ease the challenge of distributors/retailers under a single roof to digitally increase their efficiency

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