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The retailer sells the goods to the customer. Retailers can improve with OiC premium features to enhance their income with the aid of enforcing POS, CRM and Shophub. Allow the retailer to be profitable and to be at the pinnacle of its opponents and to satisfy consumer pride. The retailer can choose the vital capabilities on the OiC platform and use them for that reason.



Online platform to sell and buy optical products. In the Marketplace the distributor will update the inventories to show up for the retailer to buy them.

Maintain Competitive Edge

Stand out from the competition by moving your business to the digital era. OiC has been specially designed for the optical industry.


Affords an overview of marketplace, order, Try on, POS, CRM with their features.

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The platform embarks on and uploads its inventory to the stock of the brands or distributors. Luxury and value-effective goods under one roof. Our market has 10163+ products. Furthermore, the supplier also can purchase merchandise from distinct distributors. Over 15000 SKUs are in our library and providers and retailers can place orders with the distributor. In addition, the retailer can also buy goods from various distributors.

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Order Placing

Based on the inventories in the market, the store can area the order with the distributor. In addition, the retailer also can buy goods from diverse distributors.

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2D Try On

Recognizes facial highlights in the clients photo and we render the glasses at the clients face exactly and image the whole thing being the same.

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Client Feedback

I Loved the whole platform.As a brand it helped us reach to maximum retailer and also help us organise and expand our base

Joe Matthews
Joe Opticals

OiC new innovative application will make this optical industry move towards, profitable attractive position, The end customer also will be really happy, I sincerely wish all the Opticians, Manufactures, Brands to support OiC's mission and vision

Joan Gray
Joan Opticals

Being an optical distributor, enjoying the OiC platform that helps to reach the right retailer and highly recommended.

Johnny Oliver
Johnny Opticals

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OiC is an online marketplace platform primarily built for the optical sector to ease the challenge of distributors/retailers under a single roof to digitally increase their efficiency

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