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The distributor will become the manufacturer's direct factor of touch for people searching for products/services. A distributor is the handiest one who distributes items all through a selected region. We've got a market and license this system to govern the retailers for the distributors.


Inventory Management

The distributor can manage their inventory like adding inventory from the library, modify inventory or upload their own inventory. Overall control of inventory is handled by distributors.

Manage Order

The distributor is the only person authorized to manage their orders and allows retailers to place orders based on the same.


The platform embarks on inventory and uploads its inventory records from the manufacturers or the distributor. OiC has 1066 specific products and 84881 total inventories are available. Manage incoming orders.

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Inventory Library

We've produced 15,000+ inventories of well-known manufacturers inside the database for the vendors' easy use and inventories are to be had in metadata. Stock Library, assists with preserving far from giant bugs spent on inventories.

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Update Inventory

The Distributor can also add inventory from the Inventory Library and IMPORT FROM EXCEL. Distributors can add their inventory details and retailers have got admission to all the inventories and might place the order right away.

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Add Retailer

Only the wholesaler may introduce the retailer and that helps retailers to look at the stock of distributors within the marketplace.

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Incoming Orders

The brand / distributor has an Incoming Order feature. The objective of the Incoming Order lists out pending, usual and denied. The distributor can take action to just accept the order or deny the order. As soon as the distributor accepts the order, the precise product could be ordered efficiently.


Client Feedback

I Loved the whole platform.As a brand it helped us reach to maximum retailer and also help us organise and expand our base

Joe Matthews
Joe Opticals

OiC new innovative application will make this optical industry move towards, profitable attractive position, The end customer also will be really happy, I sincerely wish all the Opticians, Manufactures, Brands to support OiC's mission and vision

Joan Gray
Joan Opticals

Being an optical distributor, enjoying the OiC platform that helps to reach the right retailer and highly recommended.

Johnny Oliver
Johnny Opticals

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OiC is an online marketplace platform primarily built for the optical sector to ease the challenge of distributors/retailers under a single roof to digitally increase their efficiency

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